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School of Graduate Studies - About Us

About Us

As a graduate student at the University of Cape Coast, you will encounter several exciting and rewarding experiences.

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) began as a Committee on Higher Degrees, with a mandate to advise Senate on the University’s graduate scholarship policy and recommend the award of scholarships for approval. In 1992, the Committee on Higher Degrees was elevated to the Board of Graduate Studies and later a School of Graduate Studies on 1st August, 2008. The upgrade was to help improve on graduate studies and research as a core mandate of the University.


To be a School of Graduate Studies, University of Cape Coast that is well positioned for sustainable and innovative teaching and research that will produce diverse graduates endowed with 21st Century skills. .


To create a facilitating environment for teaching, learning and training of graduate students equipped with initiative and leadership in key sectors of international endeavour.


Tenure of Office: 1992-1994

Tenure of Office: 1994-1994

Tenure of Office: 1994-1995

Tenure of Office: 1995-1998

Tenure of Office: 1998-2002

Tenure of Office: 2002-2008

Tenure of Office: 2008-2011

Tenure of Office: 2011-2014

Tenure of Office: 2014-2020

Tenure of Office: 2020-Date