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Welcome Address of the Dean

Welcome to the University of Cape Coast’s Graduate School. You have made the right choice to join our University at a time when it is the number one (1) University in Ghana. Number one (1) in West Africa, among the top five (5) Universities in Africa, number one (1) University globally for research influence and number one (1) out of the one hundred and thirty-eight (138) new entrant Universities in the world University rankings – 2022 and ranked among the top three hundred and fifty (350) University globally.

As a graduate student at the University of Cape Coast, you will encounter several exciting and rewarding experiences. Those of you who have already had some form of graduate studies can attest to the fact that studying at the graduate level is completely different from the undergraduate experience.

At graduate school you have a much narrower and in depth focus rather than taking courses from a wide range of disciplines as done during your under graduate studies. At the graduate level, you get more opportunities to work closer with faculty members. You will need to work hard individually towards the progress of your degree. A copy of the academic policies and regulations for the School of Graduate Studies will be made available to you at the beginning of your studies but you are responsible and accountable for all information in there. Take time to read and let it guide you through your study here.

You may have a Faculty supervisor or supervisors depending on your programme and these supervisors will guide you through your programme of study. The relationship you develop with your supervisor(s) is vital to the success of your graduate degree. Good monitoring and supervision is critical to your success in graduate school and so School of Graduate Studies makes great effort to ensure the highest quality level of supervision is provided to you. Our strong faculty in UCC is dedicated to graduate education, research and creative works. Learn from them so you also can contribute to the academic and professional dialogues in your field. You are welcome to join the UCC community of distinguished faculty and talented students. Let scholarship, knowledge and skills acquisition in your area of study be your goal. Beyond the discipline that you have chosen, please take time to interact with faculty and students from the larger UCC community of scholars by attending talks, seminar’s and classes offered across the university’s departments, schools and colleges. To succeed in graduate school, you need to plan and the school of graduate studies is committed to helping you plan your academic and professional future. We have the academic writing course to help you with writing academic papers and your thesis/dissertation.

Take advantage of the several workshops and professional development opportunities offered by the School of Graduate Studies, your own programme and the Graduate Students Association- GRASAG of which you are an automatic member to acquire skills like time management, teamwork and others which you will translate beyond your specific disciplines or life after graduate school.

Finally, attending graduate school here in Cape Coast offers many cultural recreational and entertainment opportunities so ensure that you make the most out of your time here as you advance your career goals. I wish you the best of luck in your graduate studies.

Professor. Mrs. Sarah Darkwa (Dean, School of Graduate Studies)