Degree Type: 

Doctor of Philosophy


Department of Soil Science

Programme Duration: 

3 years (Standard Entry)

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

The programme was introduced in 1994 and has graduated many students. Though the demand for the expertise of ‘pure’ Soil Scientist has dwindled in the job market, there are applicants especially those already in the field who often opt for this ‘pure’ soil science. This is because the dependence on and curiosity about soil, exploring the diversity and dynamics of this resource continues to yield fresh discoveries and insights. New avenues of soil research are compelled by a need to understand soil in the context of climate change, greenhouse gases and carbon sequestration.

Entry Requirements: 

Candidates with MSc/M.Phil. degree from a recognized University in Agriculture, Biological Science, Soil Science, Environmental Science, Land Resources Management, Renewable Natural Resources and other related Earth Sciences

Goal / Aim / Objectives: 

  1. To make students appreciate the need to preserve soil and arable land in the world with the growing population, possible future water crisis, increasing per capita food consumption and land degradation.
  2. To expose students to the scientific principles of pollution at chemical levels and soil management in order to enable them approach environmental issues in a realistic way.


Career Opportunities: 

Employment Prospects of Graduates:

List of sectors of the economy that could employ graduates of the programme include:

  1. Soil Research Institute
  2. Ministry of Food and Agriculture
  3. Universities
  4. Crop Research Institute
  5. Environmental Protection Agency
  6. Multilateral organizations and Banks
  7. NGOs

Programme Structure

Level 900

First Semester

ASS 899: Thesis
6 Credit(s)

The elective courses will be selected in consultation with the student’s Supervisor; bearing in mind his/her research interest. All courses are examinable at the end of the semester

The PhD. programme is by research. However, student may be required to attend or audit certain courses, depending on their academic background. The core course is ASS 999 (Thesis).

Research Areas:
Student’s research will be based on one of the following areas:

(a)    Pedology 
(b)    Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
(c)    Soil and Land Evaluation
(d)    Soil Chemistry
(e)    Soil Ecology
(f)    Soil and Water Conservation 
(g)    Management of Soil Resources
(h)    Soil Physics