The School of Graduate Studies, University of Cape Coast, has close to 7500 students pursuing graduate programmes. Out of this number, 2969(1859 males and 1110 females) are sandwich students, 3235 (2006 males and 1229 females) are distance students and the rest, 1125(405 females, 720 males) are regular students.  



A School of Graduate Studies, UCC, that is well positioned for innovative teaching and research, with a world-wide acclaim.


To create a facilitating environment for teaching, learning and training of graduate students, equipped with initiative and leadership in key sectors of inter/national endeavour.


Core Value

  • Accessibility to graduate education
  • Scholarship and academic excellence
  • Contribution to knowledge
  • Collaboration with sister institutions and industry
  • Maintaining a highly motivated staff and graduate students
  • Transparency

Our Commitment

  1. To ensure the relevance of graduate programmes for the promotion of economic, social, scientic and technological development of Ghana and beyond.
  2. To deepen graduate training and promote teaching, research and creativity.
  3. To make graduate training and research continually responsive to the changing climate of the world of work.
  4. To mobilize appropriate human and material resources from within and outside the University to ensure maximum utilization of available potentials.